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Mask Mandate Lifted at SRHS

NEW MASK MANDATE: Jasmine Zaragoza, a senior, has always had a strong opinion about Covid safety. She always wears her mask at work, despite not being required to. Working in the restaurant business, it’s good to see that many people are still considerate about keeping the food they are serving safe from Covid. Article and Photo by Jaeden Callender The mask mandate in schools has finally been lifted, at least for the most part. While it is no longer required to wear a mask, it is still highly recommended. There have been a

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SRHS Admin Limits Access to Student Parking Lot

PARKING LOT CRACKDOWN: Pictured here, the entrance to the student parking lot that is locked at break and lunch. Administrators decide who leaves and who stays during these times. Vice Principal Andy Liberman says that students have pushed the rule too far and that is what has led to this unpopular rule enforcement. Photo and Caption by Grace Payne Santa Rosa High School Administrators have begun cracking down on students leaving during break or lunch. Although school rules have prohibited students from leaving campus since

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Esports team returns without first-person-shooter games

Article and graphic by Robert Merrick After months of silence, new information about the Santa Rosa City School’s Esports league has finally come out, and it is… disappointing. The good news is that a set of rules for the club is being brought to the SRCS board by the director of technology, Adrian Bica; however, there is one issue with the rules: they strictly forbid the ever popular genre, first-person shooters.

This is a tremendous blow for the club because it removes an enormous portion of the interest,

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Opinion: SRJC a great option to take challenging classes at low costs

Article and caption by Robert Merrick For every student that is applying for and getting ready to go college, there are just as many who are lacking credits, looking for more of a challenge or who are looking to work towards certificates in order to start working immediately after college. For these issues there is an excellent tool right next door: The Santa Rosa Junior College.

The JC offers hundreds of programs for dozens of unique fields, alongside many certifications. This makes it an amazing

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Opinion: SRHS students should learn to clean up after themselves

RAMPANT TRASH. Head of custodial staff Alex Escobar and another member of his team pick up trash like this after lunch for more than an hour every school day. When asked what his least favorite part of the job is, Escobar laughs and says, “that would be after lunch… it’s a lot of mess after lunch.” Santa Rosa high school students’ inability to clean up after themselves puts a strain on the hard-working members of the custodial staff. According to Escobar, our school generates enough trash to fill two dumpsters totaling 12 cubic

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Opinion: the booster is worth it

Article and graphic by Yasmine Sarraf Empty seats. Canceled events. Stacks of take-home tests. All of us at Santa Rosa High School have seen the impact of COVID-19 on our community. If there was something you could do to aid in the fight against the virus, wouldn’t you do it? Get vaccinated. Get the booster shot. “I got the booster because I want to protect myself, my family and really everyone I come in contact with from getting/dying from COVID. I think getting the booster is a vital part of helping reduce the number of

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Opinion: Is consumerism overshadowing Christmas?

Article and graphic by Tara Elsa, Editor-in-chief The holidays are a time for celebration and family. But are they still? While many holidays started as celebrations, they have become much more focused on the exchange of gifts and the purchasing of knick-knacks. This has given large companies control of the market and economy. These large companies want more business and sales from people—or consumers—for personal profit, with whatever means necessary; this is also called consumerism. Consumerism is the act of promoting

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Opinion: Fall weather is the best weather

YES, WE HAVE SEASONS. The leaves on a tree outside of the auditorium in from of Santa Rosa High School change colors. Article and photo by Mason Gaspar Fall weather is the best out of all the seasons and there's doubt about it. By the end of this, you will love the beauty of fall as much as I do.

Fall starts on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. During this time, the weather grows cooler, leaves begin changing color and different plants start to grow. With the cool breeze, it begins to rain again. I

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Halloween or Christmas?

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria Halloween or Christmas? A long standing argument, the debate between Christmas and Halloween and which is better, always comes up again during the festive season. Two friends, Blue and Watson, are no different when asked which holiday was better. Both of them present their argument for their favorite holiday in this thrilling narrative full of convincing and hilarious arguments. Watson and Blue start off by announcing their sides:

Watson: Halloween,

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Culture is not a costume: costumes to avoid this Halloween

Article and photos by Tara Elsa, editor-in-chief Races, ethnicities and all negative stereotypes of people should never become a costume. The Halloween season is meant to be fun, where we sit down with friends late at night and watch scary movies or go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. While there are many costumes that are fun and acceptable, there are many costumes that one should avoid when preparing for Halloween. Many have heard the term “cultural appropriation” but don’t know what it really means. Cultural

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