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Kicking off the swim season with a splash

By Lucy Merrill The 2018 swim season has started off strong for the panthers this year. With daily practice and dry land training, the swim team is getting ready and pumped up for another winning season. After three weeks of practice the SRHS swim team made quite a splash during their first meet. At the Santa Rosa Junior College Invitational high school season kick off, where high schools from around the county gathered to compete, panther athletes showed just how strong and dedicated they are this year.  Out of 16 high

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Concussions: Is Football Worth the Risk?

By Reece Wisler Concussions are prevalent in many sports, but it seems that concussions are mostly known as football injury. Concussions is a big concern for athletes in many physical sports, but in football concussions are being diagnosed at an alarming rate. According to, between 1.6 and 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur each year. Many concussions go undiagnosed so it is hard to calculate exactly how many concussions occur. Since the turn of the century, concussion research has made

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