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SRHS Students Celebrate Hanukkah

Article and graphic by Yasmine Sarraf One of the holidays that takes place this season is Hanukkah, a Jewish celebration. Since the date of this holiday is determined by the Hebrew calendar, which is lunisolar, the date varies every year on the Gregorian calendar. Hanukkah takes place every year in November and/or December and lasts for eight days and eight nights. This year, it begins on the evening of November 28 and ends at nightfall on December 6. One of the general Hanukkah traditions includes lighting a Menorah. A

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Where to buy winter clothes

Article and graphic by Rubi Melo Since the arrival of winter, we’ve all been preparing for the cold, rainy weather by searching for comfortable clothes to wear. There’s never been a year when I’ve been prepared for winter weather right away. The first cold day comes around, I look in my closet and I only see tank tops, t-shirts and shorts; and all of a sudden I’m not prepared for the cold at all. For those who have a similar issue and need to know where in Santa Rosa to get quality, inexpensive clothes for Winter fast, I’ve got

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