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People with Holiday Birthdays shouldn’t be forgotten. Here’s how to celebrate them

CHRISTMAS BLUES. Around the world, people are getting their birthdays mixed up with holidays, and every year, people feel they are getting forgotten and are becoming just a trivial part of the holiday season. Here we see a poor soul who happens to share a birthday with Christmas.(Above) Ho ho no indeed! Article and photo by Ben Sorkin Holidays. They’re annual, they’re days and depending on the circumstances, can be very fun! But what happens when these two holidays overlap? As you know, humans are born, specifically, on

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Recipes to combat winter gloom

Caycie Clayton’s delicious apple oat muffin, meant to be Fall themed and consisting of nutmeg and cardamom, could easily be a winter themed muffin as well. Overall these muffins were healthy, flavorful and hands down a great snack to have during the holidays. Photo by Caycie Clayton.Article by Jaeden Callender and Caycie Clayton.The winter can feel lengthy, dark and cold due to the prolonged nights and chilly air. These long months can easily feel gloomy and dismal, meaning extra steps need to be taken in order to get through the

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Is Black Friday Shopping Really Worth it?

By Tara Elsa This year, Black Friday was held on November 23: it is an event where people go to great lengths to buy as much as they can during a period of mass sales. The term “Black Friday” was first used in 1869 and has been held the day after Thanksgiving. Even back then, Black Friday was a day on which people spent all their money and stores’ profits skyrocketed. Black Friday was a term that came into use after the financial crisis that occured when the United States gold market crashed on September 24, 1869. At that time,

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