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Adaptations To Online School And What Teachers Will Continue To Use In Person

Teaching through Zoom and Google Classroom. Teaching and learning online hasn’t been easy for anyone, but not all aspects of the experience have been negative, such as the use of programs such as Zoom and Google Classroom and AP Classroom, platforms which some teachers at Santa Rosa High School plan to continue using once we return to in-person learning on April 26. Santa Rosa High School science teacher, Mrs. Brawley also plans on using such programs once we return to in-person learning.. “Trying to figure out what was the best

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Online Grading Adaptations & Changes

Teaching on Vacation. Christina Grace, an ESL teacher at Rancho Cotate is shown here enjoying a cup of coffee while teaching from a house she rented for the weekend. Being able to teach from nearly anywhere is one of the benefits teachers and students are finding with distance learning.  Photo By: Ben Grace Article By: Conor Grace As students and teachers alike have changed from in-person classes to distance learning, there has been a myriad of difficulties for both parties. Students and teachers have had to adapt and learn

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