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Adaptations To Online School And What Teachers Will Continue To Use In Person

Teaching through Zoom and Google Classroom. Teaching and learning online hasn’t been easy for anyone, but not all aspects of the experience have been negative, such as the use of programs such as Zoom and Google Classroom and AP Classroom, platforms which some teachers at Santa Rosa High School plan to continue using once we return to in-person learning on April 26. Santa Rosa High School science teacher, Mrs. Brawley also plans on using such programs once we return to in-person learning.. “Trying to figure out what was the best

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SRHS Student Thoughts On The Upcoming Return To In-Person Learning

Returning to school has split the student populous in half. Some want to return and others plan on staying on distance learning, whether that be because they’re being precautious or because they prefer distance learning. In the poll, out of 30 students, 57% plan on returning & 43% will stay online. Senior Clarissa Diaz says, “being a senior who's struggling with online learning I feel desperate to get back and experience my senior year at the actual campus.”

Article & Graphic By: Emmanuel Vallarta A year

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Easy Pets To Care For As A Student

Have you been looking for something to do? Well, a great idea is to get a pet. Not only will it give you something to busy yourself with there are also many benefits of owning a pet such as having companionship. As students, we might not have the most time on our hands to care for a pet so I have compiled a list of easy pets to care for which is perfect for students! Article & Photo By: Xiaolin Cai Now that we have more time at home everyone is looking for things to busy themselves with, and what better way to do that

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SRHS Student Easter Sunday Plans

Even the Easter Bunny is practicing social distancing! With COVID-19 interfering with the regular Easter celebrations, it’s important to find a safe way to celebrate. “I think that there’s actually kind of a plus to having to celebrate during COVID,” said junior Erin Holland. “It makes us think of creative alternatives to still have fun.” Infographic By Alice Brookston on Canva Article By: Tianna Cooke With the Easter holiday approaching, students and families alike are getting ready to participate in their annual Easter

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SRHS Student Opinions On The COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations. Shown here is the Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, directly next to the Luther Burbank Center. Both locations at 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA have been a major location for all coronavirus related matters, including vaccinations within Sonoma County. Article & Photo By: Conor Grace As vaccines for COVID-19 are becoming available to the general public, it is now time for many students to begin deciding whether they intend to take the vaccine or not. High school students will generally

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Hobbies Students Picked Up During Quarantine

Student creates a start-up. These dainty butterfly earrings are junior Kelly Fleischer’s best seller, that come in many different colors and styles. Along with her butterfly earrings, styles such as chain, cherry, and stud earrings remain her best-sellers. “I think because butterflies are a trend right now and they’re so common among jewelry and clothing contributes to why they are my best seller,” said Fleischer.

Photo By: Kelly Fleischer Article By: Tianna Cooke With the stay at home orders taking place,

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Transferring Schools During COVID-19

The COVID transfer. The two schools have worked together to the best of their abilities to help students transfer during the pandemic.

Helping students such as Roxanna Riscucci who transferred this year and Mia Farley who plans to transfer next year, navigate the transition. “They handle a lot of the process with your old school.” Photos By: SOMO Construction and Santa Rosa High School Article By: Evan Sacher Transitioning between two schools is a very difficult and intricate process.

A process which

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SRHS ASB-Run Panther Prowl

Lights, Camera, Action. Senior Matias Fullerton gets ready to film a segment while Junior Jenny Young and Sophomore Andre Achacon watch. Achacon explained the process, saying “we film each segment individually while everybody else vibes behind the camera.” The first episode of The Panther Prowl, the Santa Rosa High School news broadcast created by Student Government, has over 600 views. Photo Provided By: Hannah Averbuck Article By: Molly Murphey In addition to orchestrating events like the drive-thru haunted house back in

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Thoughts On The First Semester Of Online Learning

This semester has been one of the most difficult semesters yet. There have been many good and bad things. Everything is online and it has been very hard to navigate and to try to stay focused. Article & Photo By: Jaden Burris Congratulations! Students are coming to the end of their first official online semester. If I am being completely honest, I can think of more negative things about distance learning than positive. So let’s talk about it.  One of the main issues I have is staying focused and motivated. Being home

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Students Working During The Holidays

Tenjing Sherpa holds his baby nephew, Julian Alonzo. Tenjing and his mom visit him every week and baby sit him. Before Sherpa took this photo he was crying but Sherpa was able to cheer him up so he could take a photo with his nephew.

Photo By: Tenjing Sherpa Article By: Jaeden Callender With Christmas coming up in the middle of a pandemic, one can only wonder what will happen and how people will cope during a time when families and friends usually get together.

Of course, the best idea for all of us

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