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SRHS Cross Country Team Looks Forward to Invitationals

GETTING BACK TO PACE: Santa Rosa High students compete on September 10th at a cross country meet, which is the first of the season. Justin Diaz (12) pictured racing in the photo, the first Santa Rosa student in the pack of runners, prior to the meet says that he is, “looking forward to racing more invitationals.” Diaz came 6th overall out of the Santa Rosa High School team in the race. Photo by Maddie Sanabria Article by Julia Sanabria Like many sports in the last year, the cross country season was a strange change of pace

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Mustard Fields in Sonoma County

A one season only experience. The beautiful mustard fields scattered across Sonoma County have gained an immense amount of popularity. The fields serve as a great background for photos or just a nice change of scenery. “It’s really beautiful,” says junior Erin Holland. “I recommend everyone goes before they’re gone.”

Article & Photo By: Tianna Cooke The spring season brings many things. For example, allergies, rain, and Instagram-worthy mustard fields. If you have Instagram, or any social media, you’ve

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Sonoma County Theaters Reopen As Restrictions Are Lifted

The Roxy theater is back in the swing of things after over a year of being closed. Reopening at half capacity while we remain in the orange tier, showing Godzilla vs Kong, Voyagers, City of Lies, Tom and Jerry and many more. Article & Photo By: Spencer Page The release of many movies has been delayed due to theaters not being able to be open as a result of the pandemic. However, as the number of cases go down each week in Sonoma County, theaters are starting to reopen and those movies will start to go into

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Santa Rosa Guide for Locals this Spring

Article By: Tara Elsa and Leilah Sterck Spring is here, and the weather is starting to warm up. Quarantine has made it more challenging to find fun and safe activities to do and places to hangout. This Santa Rosa locals’ guide will provide you with plenty of fun activities for you to do this spring in Santa Rosa! On March 22, Krispy Kreme started giving out free glazed doughnuts to people who have been fully vaccinated. This could be a fun thing to do with your friends; all you’ll need to do is drive up to Krispy Kreme, and

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Thrifting Locations In Sonoma County

Found it! What’s not to love about thrifting and finding some absolute gems for your closet. Senior, Eliana Bruce, shares, “I love thrift shopping with my friends and I have found some great pieces at thrift stores.” If you ever need something to do look up your nearest thrift shop and you will definitely have a blast. Photo By: Eliana Bruce Article By: Shai Fichtelberg Thrifting has become an activity that many teens enjoy. Going into shops, sifting through clothes, and finding great deals, what’s not to love? In Sonoma

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A Spring Break Activities Guide

Over spring break go to look at the beautiful views of Sonoma County. The top picture is at Hood Mountain; Hood Mountain is a great place to have a picnic at or hike. The bottom picture was taken at Doran Beach; Doran Beach is a family friendly beach that also allows dogs. Make sure to get out of the house this spring break and enjoy the fresh air! Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria Spring break is coming around the corner and unfortunately due to COVID-19, traveling is not a good idea. Since leaving the comfort of

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Best Sonoma County Hiking Spots

Taylor Mountain has opened up to the public to provide a safe experience hiking with friends or family. When I asked freshman Paloma R. if she had been on a hike recently, she said, “Yes! I went yesterday! It's honestly one of the best ways to de-stress (and) it’s so calming and just good for your mental health like spending some time outside in nature walking.” Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Hiking is a fun yet safe way to spend time away from home, while also providing an opportunity to connect with friends and

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Online Volunteering Opportunities

Websites like Catchafire provide nearly 25 different categories of causes to sort through, making it easy to find something that you’re interested in and willing to devote your time and energy to. Photo From: Catchafire Website Article By: Piper Kirk While it’s no longer a graduation requirement, volunteer work is still an extremely important activity for high school students. Not only does it add to a college or job application, but it can also teach essential life skills that will assist in career opportunities. In the

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Local Businesses To Shop At For The Holidays

Window shopping! The sun set, and the beautiful lights inside of Corrick’s shine. The shop has amazing things that aren't just offered in the window! Article & Photo: Destyni Hayes Christmas is fast approaching with only a couple of weeks left to buy gifts for your special someone or your family and friends. Rather than waiting weeks, sometimes even months, for an item to be shipped to your house, why not shop locally at a business right here in Sonoma County? Supporting a local business helps our county’s economy, so

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Introducing Evacuated Families into Your Household

The fire victims that Jenesis Blancaflor took in shared the devastation that hit their home. Their loss in Skyhawk, while horrible, has not stopped them from keeping a positive attitude. Blancaflor added, “I was really inspired to be around people who could still find the good in this situation. My only hope is that the fires stop so that more of my friends and family don’t lose their homes.”

Photo by Ronald Taylor

Article By: Giovi Andreassi With fires becoming an annual occurrence in Sonoma County,

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