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Shows To Check Out Before They Leave Netflix This Month

There are about 167.1 million people who use Netflix in the entire world. That is a lot of people. Netflix is one of the most popular apps for streaming movies and television shows. Abby Mills, a freshman at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa wrote, “I think it [Netflix] is great because there are so many different options.” She is certainly not the only person who feels that way.

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman Isn’t December wonderful? The cool crisp air, the warmth inside, delicious foods and

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5 Binge-Worthy Shows

These are stressful times. Sometimes, we need to take a break and binge watch some Netflix. My top five binge-worthy shows are Gilmore Girls, Lucifer, The Office, The Good Place, and The Politician. All five amazing shows and both seniors, Madison Ligget and Piper Kirk agree with my choices. Kirk’s favorite of the five is The Office and Ligget’s favorite is Gilmore Girls. Article & Photo By: Shai Fichtelberg Throughout the eight months of quarantine, we have all had the time to start a new hobby, learn something new, and

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