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SRHS Varsity Volleyball Season Begins

SRHS varsity volleyball has begun. Both coaches and players are extremely excited to have a chance to play this season. Their first game was against Montgomery, they unfortunately lost, but opened the gates for the upcoming games. Even though SRHS volleyball lost their first game, senior MacKenzi Nelson said, “A personal goal this season for myself is to stay positive, bring lots of spirit and energy to the court and to make sure that our team is being safe and having fun.” Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria Santa Rosa

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The Rainy Season Dying Off Over The Years

Orange Sky All Day. The smoke covers the sky, making the sun look brighter than ever. The air smelled of smoke, even through a durable mask. “It looks like an apocalypse. Never have I seen anything like this before,” said freshman Zoe Kowalczyk. Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Over the years in California, the obvious and intense heat-waves have been a wake-up call to the climate change crises. In recent months especially, the weather has been ridiculously hot. Although it was summer, the combination of wind and hot

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