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Fall Sports Schedule Changes/Updates

The volleyball team is working out over a zoom meeting every Monday and Wednesday. Every week the coach, Rob Beal, tries to do new exercises to keep the workouts new and exciting. On Monday September 14, the girls did leg and glute workouts. Junior Kayleen Ledbetter says, “I think the zooms are very helpful, they are keeping us in shape while still being connected to the team”.

Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria Covid-19 has changed many things throughout Santa Rosa High School. One of the

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SRHS Scheduling and Class Size Mishaps

This photo, taken on Valentine’s Day of 2020, shows senior Alex Mintonye, senior Madison Ligget, senior Katie Simpson, junior Amy Genolio, junior Madelyn Chu, junior Molly Murphy, 2020 Grad Gwen Faeth, and 2020 Grad Stephanie Beard shows two of the annual Valentine’s Day singing quartets that choir does for the school. This was always one of the most fun and memorable days for the choir as a whole and when asked about it Senior Katie Simpson said, “I think I may be most sad about missing the quartets on Valentine’s day, it was

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