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Pumpkin spiced recipes

Article and Graphic by Julia Sanabria We’ve had pumpkin in everything from bread to lattes, but what about grilled cheese? I know, sounds questionable right? I thought so too when I first found the recipe on “Vegetarian gastronomy,” but my mind was quickly changed when I first bit into the vast world of complementing flavors. This sandwich is quick, easy and can be part of a meal with soup or salad. To make this scrumptious meal, first make the pumpkin butter which you will spread on the inside of the bread. Put all the

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Fall Apple Recipes

Article and Photo by Sylvia Coleman Apple Cultivation in Sonoma County Fall is the best time of year to harvest apples in Sonoma County, specifically the Gravenstein apple, as it grows best here. The Gravenstein apple was believed to have been brought here by Spaniards or European colonizers hundreds of years ago.

Sonoma County is great for apples of all kinds, but the Gravenstein is most popular here since it grows in very few locations and is endangered. Apples used to be the most cultivated crop in Sonoma

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Valentine’s Day Treats and Recipes

Article By: Shai Fichtelberg Can’t recommend a recipe unless you try it! That is exactly what I did for all of you. I chose recipes that I know and love, and I hope you all can enjoy making and eating these yummy treats. I mean, look at all these pictures; don’t you just want to eat them all? Try out the recipes and let me know what you think! Photos by Shai Fichtelberg Valentine’s day is approaching fast, and we all know what that means...tasty food! As someone who loves cooking and baking, any holiday calls for taking over

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