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DIY Quarantine Valentine’s Gifts

It’s cake time. This is a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting made specifically for Valentine’s Day, and is actually small enough for one! The recipe is simple, easy, and delicious, a perfect gift for this lovely holiday. “I’m glad that I decided to try my hand at baking,” said Katie Jang, senior at SRHS. “It was therapeutic and fun, and overall an extremely rewarding experience.” Article & Photo By: Katie Jang Making gifts at home this Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your appreciation for your loved ones.

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At-Home Workouts For Quarantine And The New Year

Ten-minute six-pack home workout. Working out at home doesn’t take much! With just any electronic device with access to Youtube and preferably a yoga mat, anyone can workout anywhere, anytime. “While I have access to a gym due to my job, I mostly do home workouts, though they are not my favorite. I much prefer a gym and some machines. Some home workouts I do with a competitive team and some I do alone,” says Lilly Green, a senior at SRHS. “One of my favorites to do on my own is the Les Mils body combat classes. They’re energizing

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Hobbies Students Picked Up During Quarantine

Student creates a start-up. These dainty butterfly earrings are junior Kelly Fleischer’s best seller, that come in many different colors and styles. Along with her butterfly earrings, styles such as chain, cherry, and stud earrings remain her best-sellers. “I think because butterflies are a trend right now and they’re so common among jewelry and clothing contributes to why they are my best seller,” said Fleischer.

Photo By: Kelly Fleischer Article By: Tianna Cooke With the stay at home orders taking place,

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Quarantine Food Trends

Whipped coffee. While coffee is already something half the population likes, this particular form of it became very popular over quarantine. This was heavily influenced by the app Tik Tok, in which the light, creamy concoction went viral. Article & Photo By: Jaden Burris

I have noticed two main themes throughout these past couple of months. We all hate quarantine, but we all love food and drinks. Many people who have previously disliked cooking and baking have recently taken a liking to it during quarantine.

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