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Mr. Bohn talks about Metal

METAL MANIA. After speaking to Eric Bohn about metal he shared some interesting metal facts with me. Bohn said ¨I still have all of my concert ticket stubs, and I still have quite a few vinyl albums.¨ When asked what fun fact he wanted others to know. Bohn continued on to say that he could talk all day about music. PHOTO BY ERIC BOHN. Article by Ash Seghezzi Metal music is a genre that was created in the late 60s and rose to popularity in the 70s. There are a few key components of this genre that make it it's own and unique.

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Punk Music Recommendations for This Year

Mr. Utsey recommended the Ramones, if you’re interested in getting into punk rock music. He said, “I love the music, in general, it’s music that I really enjoy listening to so it’s not that anything sticks out.” 1980s film Time Square pointed Mr. Utsey towards bands he had been unaware of, and without them and his friends, he wouldn’t have heard about the music otherwise. Photo by Ashton Seghezzi. Article by Apollo Hynes and Ashton Seghezzi. Punk rock is a music genre that has evolved tremendously since it first started.

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