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Scary movie recommendations

HORROR MOVIE REACTION: Seniors Jerral Agbayani and Jaeden Callender are watching the trailer for the Blair Witch Project (1999). Agbayani said “This is the scariest thing I’ve seen since Instagram shut down yesterday.” Callender said “I’m so glad Jerral is here to protect me.” Although these students were pretty scared, they recommend this movie. Article and photo by Grace Payne The Halloween season is upon us, which means it is time to break out the scary movies. There are so many options, but which horror flick should you

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Pumpkin spiced recipes

Article and Graphic by Julia Sanabria We’ve had pumpkin in everything from bread to lattes, but what about grilled cheese? I know, sounds questionable right? I thought so too when I first found the recipe on “Vegetarian gastronomy,” but my mind was quickly changed when I first bit into the vast world of complementing flavors. This sandwich is quick, easy and can be part of a meal with soup or salad. To make this scrumptious meal, first make the pumpkin butter which you will spread on the inside of the bread. Put all the

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