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Easter Holiday Treat Recipes To Try

Easter-themed treats. For this year’s Easter holiday, try making some fun, easy, and tasty treats for your loved ones. Considering the current COVID-19 restrictions, April 4 plans may have to wait until times are safer, but in the meantime, try doing some baking to drop-off for friends and family instead. Peep Rice Krispy Treats and Easter Egg M&M Cookies are two easy, and sugary, treats you can make, that your loved ones will surely appreciate. Article & Photo By: Alice Brookston It’s that time of year again, Easter

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SRHS Student Easter Sunday Plans

Even the Easter Bunny is practicing social distancing! With COVID-19 interfering with the regular Easter celebrations, it’s important to find a safe way to celebrate. “I think that there’s actually kind of a plus to having to celebrate during COVID,” said junior Erin Holland. “It makes us think of creative alternatives to still have fun.” Infographic By Alice Brookston on Canva Article By: Tianna Cooke With the Easter holiday approaching, students and families alike are getting ready to participate in their annual Easter

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The History Behind St. Patrick’s Day

So as we near St. Patrick’s day 2021, many of us still might not know the history behind this holiday, or why certain things we have been accustomed to are part of this holiday. So let this be the year you finally know some history and facts behind this holiday that in most of our knowledge is filled with green, leprechauns, gold coins, and four-leaf clovers. So here are some facts to learn about St. Patrick’s day that you may or may not have known. Graphic Created By: Xiaolin Cai on Canva Article By: Xiaolin Cai We have all

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