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The History Behind St. Patrick’s Day

So as we near St. Patrick’s day 2021, many of us still might not know the history behind this holiday, or why certain things we have been accustomed to are part of this holiday. So let this be the year you finally know some history and facts behind this holiday that in most of our knowledge is filled with green, leprechauns, gold coins, and four-leaf clovers. So here are some facts to learn about St. Patrick’s day that you may or may not have known. Graphic Created By: Xiaolin Cai on Canva Article By: Xiaolin Cai We have all

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Santa Rosa High School’s California History Course

History Heroes. Santa Rosa High School history teacher, Mr. Franzman (bottom right) poses with the SRHS history club in 2015. This group of passionate students, who volunteered cleaning up the Carillo Adobe on Montgomery Dr., was the main motivation to offer a California History class at our school. “We spent ten years there [at the adobe], cutting down berry bushes, trying to make it visible to the public. KSRO made us their very first neighborhood heroes, which was pretty cool,” said Franzman. Unfortunately, despite student

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Hidden Santa Rosa: what is under the school?

By Sammi Bellinghausen and Isabella DeMattei From the outside, Santa Rosa High School is just another old brick building. Some don’t realize, however, SRHS is far more than meets the eye. Theo school has many different hidden locations that very few know about. This is because the hidden locations are too dangerous or inaccessible to students. Some of the locations are retired classrooms, old hallways, and storage rooms. We had the privilege of going on a tour of some of these secret hideaways lead by the former principal of

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