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Omicron variant prompts updates to COVID-19 protocol

Photo and article by Andreas Petersen As new strands of COVID-19 appear arounds the world, fear increases causing COVID protocols to change. From the first strand of COVID-19 to the multiple newstrands, here are the most recent protocols from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

With all the information the

CDC currently knows about COVID-19 and its variants, the CDC has shortened the recommended time for isolation for the public. In keeping with the CDC new protocols, people with COVID-19

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Untangling COVID-19 guidelines

The coronavirus has been weighing heavily on everyone’s minds for over two years now. The CDC has a set of guidelines to keep us all safe which changes to fit our nation’s needs. Along with these guidelines, Sonoma County has their own set of rules to keep us healthy as well. Although these guidelines may differ, they all have the same goal: to keep people safe.

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, due to the information currently known about the recent Omicron variant, if someone is

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Opinion: DeSoto Bathrooms in Disrepair

FAUCET FAILURE. Left, the faucets on the sink in the De Soto boys bathroom swings freely in its socket, making it somewhat difficult to use. Water sprays all over, potentially getting clothes wet in the process. This gives a feeling of poor quality that hinders an enjoyable bathroom experience. Right, there is little space between the urinals and no dividers, making privacy almost non-existent. People have to move all the way up and practically into the urinal for any privacy, an uncomfortable effort no one wants to go

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COVID-19 Vaccine: What Are The Side Effects?

As more COVID-19 vaccines start to roll out, many wonder if there are any side effects that come with getting the vaccine. So I am here to tell you about all the side effects that might come with getting your vaccine. But don’t worry, these side effects should go away within a few days. So to help protect yourself and everyone around you, get your vaccine today. Article & Graphic By: Xiaolin Cai As more COVID vaccines are getting distributed through the state of California, worries about the side effects that come along

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How To Keep Yourself Safe When Returning To In-Person Learning

The back-to-school essentials. Prep for your own return to school by adding masks and hand sanitizer to your list of items to bring when returning to campus. On April 26, roughly half of Santa Rosa High School’s students will return to in-person learning, while the other half will continue with virtual classes. For those students who do plan on returning to campus, make sure to use hand sanitizer and or wash your hands frequently, wear one or even two masks and keep a distance of at least 6 feet from other students to keep

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SRHS Student Opinions On The COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations. Shown here is the Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, directly next to the Luther Burbank Center. Both locations at 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA have been a major location for all coronavirus related matters, including vaccinations within Sonoma County. Article & Photo By: Conor Grace As vaccines for COVID-19 are becoming available to the general public, it is now time for many students to begin deciding whether they intend to take the vaccine or not. High school students will generally

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South African COVID Strain

501. V2. The usually packed beaches of Cape Town, South Africa lay silent and bare due to the virus mutation traveling around the country. The Beach closures are part of the South African government’s plan to combat the mutation by eliminating all gatherings with new laws being put into place, closures of public venues, and the implementation of a 2100 curfew. “Beaches and restaurants are also closed and social gatherings are not allowed. I went from seeing friends and extended family everyday to barely leaving my own house.”

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What To Make From The Leftovers In Your Fridge

Leftovers. Over the week, many people are left with food scraps from their previous meals that can build up in a fridge, and eventually are thrown into the trash. The United States alone contributes to almost 70 billion pounds of food being wasted each year, and while this is not only wasteful, it is preventable. Start planning meals that will leave you with usable leftovers to use for future meals such as stir fry, frittatas, or even vegetable stock for soup. Photo By: Alice Brookston Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark It’s time

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COVID-19 Restaurant Restrictions

Norm’s Kitchen closes indoor and outdoor dining due to the continued COVID-19 restaurant restrictions. With the hope of reopening soon, many restaurants are only able to do takeout orders until at least February when the stay-at-home order is lifted. “I think [in] April we’ll be able to do outdoor dining again,” says Norm’s Kitchen owner, Nancy Elsa. Article & Photo By: Tara Elsa This last year certainly had a significant impact on everyone, especially businesses and restaurants. California Governor Gavin Newsom released

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At-Home Workouts For Quarantine And The New Year

Ten-minute six-pack home workout. Working out at home doesn’t take much! With just any electronic device with access to Youtube and preferably a yoga mat, anyone can workout anywhere, anytime. “While I have access to a gym due to my job, I mostly do home workouts, though they are not my favorite. I much prefer a gym and some machines. Some home workouts I do with a competitive team and some I do alone,” says Lilly Green, a senior at SRHS. “One of my favorites to do on my own is the Les Mils body combat classes. They’re energizing

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