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Best Halloween Movies To Watch

On Monday, November 2, Santa Rosa High School's ArtQuest Program will be holding a drive-in movie at the Luther Burbank Center. The chosen film is Beetlejuice and it will begin at 6:45pm. Tickets can be purchased through the Friends Of ArtQuest website. Infographic Provided By SRHS ArtQuest Article By: Destyni Hayes What is the best halloween movie to watch? Is it horror or maybe a thriller? It could even be a family movie. There have been many movies produced for this spooky season over the years, so it's hard to just

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Halloween 2020-Costumes And Trick Or Treating

Emily Johansson dresses up as Dwight Schrute from The Office. She has been thinking of wearing this costume for a few years now, but only got around to it this year. Usually, Johansson would have a party with friends to celebrate Halloween. However, this year she is poll working instead of partying. “Although Halloween is less exciting for me this year, I’m still super excited to wear my costume because I’ve really been looking forward to it,” Said Johansson.Photo By: Emily Johansson Article By: Makayla Millea With Halloween

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Upcoming SRHS ASB Events

SRHS Halloween Drive! On October 30, ASB will be holding a Halloween-themed drive on campus, in which pumpkins from the carving contest will be displayed and students are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes as they drive through the school campus. Sophomore and ASB member Hannah Averbuck said that she is, “super excited for our Halloween drive through haunted house on October 30th because we’ve never done anything like it and we’ll be able to see each other from a distance in our cars.” Maintaining morale during these

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