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A Guide To Houseplants

A simple guide to houseplants. As we spend more time at home, we are all seeking for new hobbies to entertain ourselves. So what better way to do that then get houseplants to care for? It is a great way to keep yourself busy as well as put some greenery in your house.  Article & Photo By: Xiaolin Cai Have you been bored being stuck at home this year? Well, a good way to spend that time at home is to go get a couple houseplants to care for. House plants have become a popular way for people to add greenery to their houses.

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays is a time for joy and love, and gifts! Do you love to read or know someone who does? This item is perfect for the bookworms out there who want to venture and find new books or even read a book you may have never known about. The genre and story is picked at random, so you really don’t know what you’re getting until you read it. Each book comes wrapped like a gift, in twine and sealed with a wax stamp, so it should be the perfect thing to give!Photo By: MarDeLunaArtsCo on Etsy. Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark The

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