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Baking with Burris: SRHS teacher and former chef David Franzman shares his beef Wellington recipe

Every year on Christmas, it's a tradition that history teacher David Franzman makes his family Beef Wellington for dinner. "[My] family enjoyed it so much and that always gladdens my heart. So there isn’t necessarily a story behind it, it’s just what we’ve done. It’s a tradition,” said Franzman. Article and photo by Jaden Burris, Social Media Editor With the holidays coming up, families are coming together. The foods that we eat during our holidays are what bring us together. To history teacher David Franzman, it's a

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Vegetarian holiday meal guide

MEATLESS HOLIDAYS A REALITY. The meat substitute aisle at Oliver’s market in Cotati, CA is fully stocked with products made from soy, vital wheat gluten, mushrooms, and pea protein. Many brands of meat substitutes make special roasts for Thanksgiving. Santa Rosan Editor-in-chief, Tara Elsa, says that last year her family “had several different vegetarian turkey brands to try out… we decided that Quorn is the best one and we’ll most likely have that for this upcoming thanksgiving as well.” Article and photo by Molly Murphey,

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Pumpkin spiced recipes

Article and Graphic by Julia Sanabria We’ve had pumpkin in everything from bread to lattes, but what about grilled cheese? I know, sounds questionable right? I thought so too when I first found the recipe on “Vegetarian gastronomy,” but my mind was quickly changed when I first bit into the vast world of complementing flavors. This sandwich is quick, easy and can be part of a meal with soup or salad. To make this scrumptious meal, first make the pumpkin butter which you will spread on the inside of the bread. Put all the

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Fall Apple Recipes

Article and Photo by Sylvia Coleman Apple Cultivation in Sonoma County Fall is the best time of year to harvest apples in Sonoma County, specifically the Gravenstein apple, as it grows best here. The Gravenstein apple was believed to have been brought here by Spaniards or European colonizers hundreds of years ago.

Sonoma County is great for apples of all kinds, but the Gravenstein is most popular here since it grows in very few locations and is endangered. Apples used to be the most cultivated crop in Sonoma

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Valentine’s Day Treats and Recipes

Article By: Shai Fichtelberg Can’t recommend a recipe unless you try it! That is exactly what I did for all of you. I chose recipes that I know and love, and I hope you all can enjoy making and eating these yummy treats. I mean, look at all these pictures; don’t you just want to eat them all? Try out the recipes and let me know what you think! Photos by Shai Fichtelberg Valentine’s day is approaching fast, and we all know what that means...tasty food! As someone who loves cooking and baking, any holiday calls for taking over

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What To Make From The Leftovers In Your Fridge

Leftovers. Over the week, many people are left with food scraps from their previous meals that can build up in a fridge, and eventually are thrown into the trash. The United States alone contributes to almost 70 billion pounds of food being wasted each year, and while this is not only wasteful, it is preventable. Start planning meals that will leave you with usable leftovers to use for future meals such as stir fry, frittatas, or even vegetable stock for soup. Photo By: Alice Brookston Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark It’s time

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COVID-19 Restaurant Restrictions

Norm’s Kitchen closes indoor and outdoor dining due to the continued COVID-19 restaurant restrictions. With the hope of reopening soon, many restaurants are only able to do takeout orders until at least February when the stay-at-home order is lifted. “I think [in] April we’ll be able to do outdoor dining again,” says Norm’s Kitchen owner, Nancy Elsa. Article & Photo By: Tara Elsa This last year certainly had a significant impact on everyone, especially businesses and restaurants. California Governor Gavin Newsom released

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Quarantine Food Trends

Whipped coffee. While coffee is already something half the population likes, this particular form of it became very popular over quarantine. This was heavily influenced by the app Tik Tok, in which the light, creamy concoction went viral. Article & Photo By: Jaden Burris

I have noticed two main themes throughout these past couple of months. We all hate quarantine, but we all love food and drinks. Many people who have previously disliked cooking and baking have recently taken a liking to it during quarantine.

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Here are the Best Chocolates and Sweets to buy for your loved ones… or yourself this Valentine’s Day

By Leslie Mendoza Valentine's Day is coming soon, and if you don’t know what to buy your valentine, chocolates are always a good treat. There are a variety of options when it comes to chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts or chocolate with caramel, among other things. If you don’t know which type to choose, this article will give a review and break down of the most popular chocolates. For milk chocolate lovers who don’t mind a hint of hazelnut,

the Ferrero Rocher classic chocolates

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