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Lack of COVID-19 precautions at homecoming dance worrisome to students

Article and graphic by Anthony Flores On October 2nd, the Santa Rosa High School student government class finished setting up an amazing homecoming dance for all students to enjoy. It was a great event for both new students and returning ones. Seniors were able to have their final homecoming dance and freshmen got their first impression of what SRHS is all about.

Of course, there were also flaws that were present at the event. In this article, suggestions, flaws and things that could be improved on will be

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The 28th annual ArtQuest showcase

RETURN TO THE STAGE. ArtQuest levels 2 and 3 perform Theatre in Motion, their take on the Suzuki method created by avant-garde director Tadashi Suzuki. Madelaine Williams (12, center) explained the significance of the performance, saying that it “represented the trials that we’ve gone through this past year with illness and separation.” Performing Theatre in Motion is a fall ArtQuest Showcase tradition that students were happy to bring back this year. Article and Photo by Molly Murphey, website editorArtQuest put on their annual

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Despite long lines, 2021 Homecoming a Success

The Homecoming Queen, Avery King (12, left) and King, Maverick Cheney (12, right) stand together at the Homecoming dance, the event they won their royal titles for. King said, when talking about her win, “It was unexpected. It felt really great winning. I felt really loved by the seniors and appreciated being given the opportunity to be nominated.” When asked, Cheney said about his win, “It was awesome winning. my ArtQuest family really pulled through and showed that even though they were dwindling they were still here and willing

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Santa Rosa High School’s Upcoming Prom

Yes, you’re reading that right. The Santa Rosa High School student government class has been hard at work planning a prom. While details have yet to be set in stone, many students share in the excitement of SRHS senior Ruby Kowell, who says ”regardless of how the event itself is, I’m just glad to have one last hurrah with my best friends.” Graphic Created By: Mrs. Piehl. Article By: Molly Murphey Those who thought that a return to school this year was impossible may find it even harder to believe that the student government

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Santa Rosa High School Virtual Dance Reviw

Dancing Through The Screen. DJ Dustin throws out some jams for everyone who attended the first ever Santa Rosa High School virtual dance due to COVID-19. While some students liked the dance how it was, some wished they could’ve seen the other people who attended the dance. ¨My girlfriend and sister, both of whom are panthers, joined to watch the dance on the TV,¨ said senior Nikolai Gurtovoy.Photo By: Tara Elsa Article By: Leilah Sterck This year, Santa Rosa High School held its first virtual dance. Due to COVID-19, the

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