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Effects of Quarantine on Students

Article By: Katie Jang Quarantine, for better or worse? The pandemic-induced quarantine has led to a plethora of effects and is regarded strongly by most. Some people feel that this quarantine has bettered their lives, while others believe that it has seriously impaired them.  Bear Buns. These buns are custard-filled steamed buns with chocolate features. With more time mobility from the pandemic, I’ve been able to try my hand at hobbies such as baking. “Finding crafty videos on YouTube or Instagram have helped make my days

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COVID-19 Vaccine Release and Distribution

Article By: Xiaolin Cai In California, we are in the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine distributions, and within the first phase there are three phases: phase 1A, phase 1B, and phase 1C, which determines which groups of individuals are prioritized to get the vaccine first. The COVID-19 vaccines are free. As the COVID-19 vaccines are coming out and are now available there might be some questions asked about the distribution of the vaccine. “Who can get the vaccine?” “Am I eligible for the vaccine?” “When can I get the

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SRCS District Hires New COVID-19 Coordinator

Mask on! After eight years being a math teacher at Rincon Valley Middle School and a year of being an assistant principal at Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School, Kateland Weighall was hired as the Covid Coordinator for the district. She is obviously the first person to ever hold this position for the district, and is, “very excited about the opportunity.” She was also hoping that this could be a first step to stepping away from teaching and exploring bigger admin roles in the district. Photo By: Kateland Weighall Article By:

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