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SRCS Board’s Handling Of Schools Since COVID-19 Shutdown

The Santa Rosa High School main building, which is usually crowded with students, is empty due to the pandemic. As infection rates go up, it is looking less likely that students will be going back to school anytime soon. The attitudes towards the district remain mixed, however, with the most prevalent one being uncertainty about the future. “There’s so much that’s unknown, so much that is subject to change. We have to be flexible,” said William Lyon, President of the Santa Rosa Teachers association.Photo By: Max Parrish Article

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The Best Mask For COVID-19 & Smoke

Effective and ineffective masks. Carol Freeland, a retired nurse, stands next to her husband Mark Freeland, wearing masks that will keep them safe while holding a mask that won’t keep them safe. Carol Freeland’s past experience as a nurse contributes to the knowledge that she has on the effectiveness of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m doing everything I can to keep myself safe for my family,” Carol Freeland said. “I hope that other people will be considerate and wear effective masks so that my husband and I can stay

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