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Santa Rosa High School’s California History Course

History Heroes. Santa Rosa High School history teacher, Mr. Franzman (bottom right) poses with the SRHS history club in 2015. This group of passionate students, who volunteered cleaning up the Carillo Adobe on Montgomery Dr., was the main motivation to offer a California History class at our school. “We spent ten years there [at the adobe], cutting down berry bushes, trying to make it visible to the public. KSRO made us their very first neighborhood heroes, which was pretty cool,” said Franzman. Unfortunately, despite student

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Online Testing Procedures

Everything is online nowadays. This now includes the SATs and ACTs for testing. The photo is what came up when I searched SATs online ; a bunch of online testing websites for these kinds of tests. “ Shifting to online has been something that has been challenging us all.” said Mr.Kowalczyk. This means we must continue to learn and grow through the challenge. Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Article & Photo By: Zoe Kowalczyk Online classes have brought

obvious changes in everyday learning. New apps to use, new ways to

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SRHS Students Take Advantage Of SRJC Classes

Bernard C. Plover Hall, the admissions and records office of SRJC. Their office oversees applying dual enrollment students. High School students trying to take a class at the SRJC will likely visit this building at least once in their application process. Photo By: Tara Elsa Article By: Conor Grace As schools shift to online-based learning, many high school students have been taking advantage of Santa Rosa Junior College classes as they have gone online as well. There have been dual enrollment students at SRHS for many

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SRHS Scheduling and Class Size Mishaps

This photo, taken on Valentine’s Day of 2020, shows senior Alex Mintonye, senior Madison Ligget, senior Katie Simpson, junior Amy Genolio, junior Madelyn Chu, junior Molly Murphy, 2020 Grad Gwen Faeth, and 2020 Grad Stephanie Beard shows two of the annual Valentine’s Day singing quartets that choir does for the school. This was always one of the most fun and memorable days for the choir as a whole and when asked about it Senior Katie Simpson said, “I think I may be most sad about missing the quartets on Valentine’s day, it was

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