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Recipes to combat winter gloom

Caycie Clayton’s delicious apple oat muffin, meant to be Fall themed and consisting of nutmeg and cardamom, could easily be a winter themed muffin as well. Overall these muffins were healthy, flavorful and hands down a great snack to have during the holidays. Photo by Caycie Clayton.Article by Jaeden Callender and Caycie Clayton.The winter can feel lengthy, dark and cold due to the prolonged nights and chilly air. These long months can easily feel gloomy and dismal, meaning extra steps need to be taken in order to get through the

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Halloween or Christmas?

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria Halloween or Christmas? A long standing argument, the debate between Christmas and Halloween and which is better, always comes up again during the festive season. Two friends, Blue and Watson, are no different when asked which holiday was better. Both of them present their argument for their favorite holiday in this thrilling narrative full of convincing and hilarious arguments. Watson and Blue start off by announcing their sides:

Watson: Halloween,

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The Environmental Impacts Of Christmas Trees

SRHS senior Zayra Escutia takes pride in her environmentally-friendly real tree and the traditions that come with it. “Picking out a tree and decorating it is always a fun way to spend time with family, and I’ve come to appreciate it more under this year’s unusual circumstances.” Escutia’s cat, Tofu, doesn’t seem to have any complaints!Picture by Zayra Escutia Article By: Giovi Andreassi Every year around December comes the time to begin the festivities of the holiday season. For those who celebrate Christmas, this usually

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SRHS’s Choir Performs A series of Fun Holiday Songs at Winter Concert

By Alice Brookston On December 14th and 15th, Santa Rosa High School’s choirs performed for the second time this year at The Winter Concert. The concert ran for two nights, with over 500 people attending each night. Each show was held at 7pm in the auditorium, and the show ran for roughly two hours. All four choirs performed, and 15 songs were sung in total on both nights. The choirs performed astoundingly well, and sang songs with tribute to the current winter season. The show was kicked off with the song “Santa Baby” by

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The 36th Annual Dickens Fair: A Complete Review

By Leilah Sterck The Dickens Fair is such an incredible event, and you can most definitely see that just by looking at all the work that the event workers have put into it. This year is the 36th year that the Dickens Fair has been going on is San Francisco in the Cow Palace. You can tell that they keep improving by a great extent every year! This event only happens once a year, from November 17th, to December 23rd. Even in this amount of time, many people come and join the festivities! The Dickens fair is about celebrating

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Is Black Friday Shopping Really Worth it?

By Tara Elsa This year, Black Friday was held on November 23: it is an event where people go to great lengths to buy as much as they can during a period of mass sales. The term “Black Friday” was first used in 1869 and has been held the day after Thanksgiving. Even back then, Black Friday was a day on which people spent all their money and stores’ profits skyrocketed. Black Friday was a term that came into use after the financial crisis that occured when the United States gold market crashed on September 24, 1869. At that time,

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