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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Sappington

Article and photo by Rubi Melo Artist and teacher at Santa Rosa Junior College and Santa Rosa High School, John Sappington’s story of discovering his passion for the arts is fascinating. Sappington has had a variety of experiences in different fields of work, but it all essentially led to his job now, sharing his acquired skills and his perspective on art with his students. Sappington has taught in Santa Rosa High School’s ArtQuest program for 10 years. He spent his first 5 years teaching digital arts until he switched to

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The 28th annual ArtQuest showcase

RETURN TO THE STAGE. ArtQuest levels 2 and 3 perform Theatre in Motion, their take on the Suzuki method created by avant-garde director Tadashi Suzuki. Madelaine Williams (12, center) explained the significance of the performance, saying that it “represented the trials that we’ve gone through this past year with illness and separation.” Performing Theatre in Motion is a fall ArtQuest Showcase tradition that students were happy to bring back this year. Article and Photo by Molly Murphey, website editorArtQuest put on their annual

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ArtQuest Finds Creative Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected ArtQuest’s traditions and rules that would normally be witnessed in an average school year. On August 27th, in the ArtQuest Main Office, a practical and engaging interview was conducted in a small, quiet office space featuring Evan Englar, the ArtQuest Councilor about how COVID-19 has affected ArtQuest this school year. “It was like being interviewed for a job, all over again” Englar says.Article and Photo by Emily Lasley This COVID-restricted school year has taken effect on the traditions and

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SRHS New ArtQuest Counselor, Evan Englar

Welcome to Santa Rosa High School Mr. Englar. Englar is the new ArtQuest counselor at SRHS. Before coming to work here he worked at Ukiah High School as a counselor. In his freetime; Englar enjoys mountain biking because, “You see things you wouldn't normally see on foot.”

Photo Provided By: Evan Englar Article By: Maddie Sanabria When the 2020-2021 school year began, a new ArtQuest counselor, Mr. Englar was hired. He grew up in Santa Rosa, where he went to El Molino High School.

Before joining the

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ArtQuest Fall Showcase

Photo From ArtQuest Fall Showcase Online Article By: Tara Elsa On Thursday, October 15, the biannual Santa Rosa High School ArtQuest Showcase took place. Normally, the showcase is held in the various SRHS ArtQuest classrooms around campus, but this year looked very different than most. There was still work shown for each of the ArtQuest specialties, but everything was online through the ArtQuest website (linked below) and YouTube. Each school year, there is one ArtQuest Showcase held in the fall and one held in the

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Spring ArtQuest Showcase

By Zuzu Morgan This year the ArtQuest Program put on an incredible spring showcase. All of the programs developed beautiful performances and pieces, with the entire night perfectly encompassing the spirit of the school. This year’s spring showcase opened with an unconducted performance from the string orchestra. Their rendition of Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Johann Bach was delivered with great precision and energy, and was an excellent introduction to the rest of the night. Afterwards, ArtQuest English teacher Annie

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