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Litter Bugs Infesting SRHS

LITTER EPIDEMIC: Pictured here, trash and food are sprawled across the quad. Trash is left after lunch and break. Students are fed up with litter bugs, with Senior Kayla Gallagher saying, “Littering is the most unattractive thing a person can do.”Photo by Grace Payne  The littering epidemic is running rampant here on campus. Students are throwing trash wherever they can: tossing it out the windows of cars in the student parking lot, leaving it unattended at tables and simply throwing it on the ground. While not all students are

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A through G Requirements

Article by Grace Payne With fewer high school students meeting admission requirements for California’s public universities, Santa Rosa High School is offering new support for students taking English, math, science, credit recovery and other required courses. The school has introduced a “student learning center” on its website, a page where students can find a menu of homework help and tutoring options offered by certain teachers and counselors before and after school and during lunch. Resources range from an hour of Cyber

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