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ESN Teacher Dilemma

TEACHERLESS FIRST QUARTER: Instead of the normal two teachers the ESN classes on campus, there has been only one this school year. The second teacher for the students with special abilities quit a few weeks into the school year, but a new one was hired soon after. According to the SRTA, “Nineteen posted classified jobs pay less than the city of Santa Rosa’s minimum wage of 17.06 an hour.” Photo and Article By Marty Geffner Can you imagine going through your first three months of school with no teacher? Sounds like a utopia,

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

HOLIDAY CELEBRATION: As we move into winter, the holiday season starts, leaving many people excited, including Achilles Zavislak (10), who can’t wait to celebrate Christmas. “I like Christmas,” Zavislak said. “Everyone has less work to do so it’s a lot less stressful.” December brings forth many holidays to celebrate with loved ones and provides a time for everyone to appreciate each other through gifts and cheer. Photo and Article by Emma Chesadel As December approaches, so does the holiday season and the cheer that comes with

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