BSU and Art/Writing Club at SRHS

BSU CLUB: The Black Student Union Club meets in Room 219 to discuss black history and fundraising. “It’s sort of just a safe space for black/mixed kids and allies to come hang out,” explained senior Zohar Kennard. Kennard is one of the students who helped rebuild the club after it almost collapsed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Liam Fitzsimmons

Article by Yasmine Sarraf

Every day at Santa Rosa High School nearly two thousand students are present, all with different interests. Not only are there many students here, but there are many different clubs as well—each club presents an opportunity to meet friendly, like-minded people.

Senior Zohar Kennard has been a member of the Black Student Union Club (BSU) at SRHS since her freshman year and is currently the co-president of the club. The purpose of the club, Kennard said, is to create a safe environment for black and mixed students. The BSU holds meetings every Tuesday at lunch in Room 219, during which they discuss black history and fundraising. “What I personally like about the club is that it provides a safe place for black students and their allies to meet,” said SRHS teacher Nightsnow Vogt, the club’s supervisor.

ART/WRITING CLUB: Students in Santa Rosa High School’s Art and Writing Club vote on their favorite prompts while eating lunch. “Some people use the time to make things or a lot of us just hang out during it,” said club president Jackie Cucina (12). The club meets every Friday at lunchtime in Room D102. Photo by Elliot Minton

According to Kennard, former SRHS ArtQuest dance teacher Nzinga Woods was the club’s supervisor before Vogt. “After the pandemic and Ms. Woods left, the club kind of died down,” said Kennard. Kennard explained that she and a couple of the other club members have successfully started the club again. “We definitely have something to leave for juniors next year. We have about ten members, I would say, and the possibility for more when we step out of the planning phase and into the activities we have planned.”

One of the other great clubs at SRHS is the Art and Writing Club, where creative students who like visual arts and/or writing meet up every Friday at lunch in Room D102 to share their work. At each of their meetings, they select a “theme word” that inspires the work they will create that week. “So, for example, this week’s theme that we just voted on is ‘vintage,’ so I can write about something in relation to that word . . . or . . . create an art piece about that word,” explained senior Jackie Cucina, the club’s president.

“My favorite part about the club is seeing what everyone makes and getting to hang out together,” said Cucina. The club’s vice president is senior Lily Jamison, who appreciates that the club is an outlet for creativity and allows room for freedom in how students express themselves through their work. Jamison said that there is not one specific creation students must make. “You can just express yourself in whatever way makes you feel the best.”

These two clubs at SRHS are a couple of many where you can make some friends!

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