Todd Kapp Spotlight

SAYING GOODBYE: Mr. Kapp teaches his fifth period resource class. His final quote to SRHS students was, “Thank you Santa Rosa High Students for showing me what a true community is, and I hope to be back.”

Article and Photo by Jazmine Alvarez

Todd Kapp is the resource teacher here at Santa Rosa High School, he has been with us for two years. Kapp teaches cyber highschool, and other similar programs designed to help students who are in need of academic resources to thrive. Before Kapp started teaching at SRHS, he taught in Marin, his hometown, where he helped kids in need of academic and emotional support.

I personally spoke with Kapp about his experiences at Santa Rosa High and what he will miss. He said, “I think that Santa Rosa High has something that many schools don’t, and that is the community feel here. All the students are amazing and have great attitudes.” As Kapp and I spoke more, he explained his new opportunity in Marin.

Kapp has been commuting from Marin to SRHS for the last year. Kapp expressed his feelings about what he wants to accomplish as a teacher. He said, “I worked in schools where kids have hard situations, teen pregnancy, homlessness, I help with all of that. I love feeling like I am helping the community in that sense—that is why I am leaving[SRHS].”

I then asked Kapp if we will see him teaching at SRHS again, and he responded, “I would love to come back. I think Santa Rosa High is an amazing school, and I would love to come back and help more kids who are in need of my help.”

As we say goodbye to Kapp, he reflects on his time here. He says that, “Santa Rosa is an amazing school, and hopefully I can be back. Thank you Santa Rosa High students for making my experience here as amazing as it was.”  

Thanks to Kapp for all of the hardwork and dedication that he has put into SRHS.

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