Mask Mandate Lifted at SRHS

NEW MASK MANDATE: Jasmine Zaragoza, a senior, has always had a strong opinion about Covid safety. She always wears her mask at work, despite not being required to. Working in the restaurant business, it’s good to see that many people are still considerate about keeping the food they are serving safe from Covid.

Article and Photo by Jaeden Callender

The mask mandate in schools has finally been lifted, at least for the most part. While it is no longer required to wear a mask, it is still highly recommended. There have been a wide range of mixed opinions surrounding the safety of this rule change, however, it seems more and more people are warming up to it. While COVID-19 seems to be slipping away, it is still prevalent and is still just as, if not more, dangerous than it was when it first appeared in 2019. 

Many are still skeptical about masks not being regulated because of the fact that COVID-19 has come back multiple times due to premature rule changes and underestimating its power to spread among people. Hopefully this will not be the case because, quite frankly, everyone is fed up; having to wear masks and social distance for almost three years has been tough. 

Senior Jasmine Zaragoza says, “I feel like in a sense it’s a good thing because it’s getting hot and people are getting tired of it, but I’m afraid of it spreading again and ruining graduation and prom. Also the fact that people who are more at risk will need to continue being extra safe if that becomes the case.”

However, due to the majority of people being vaccinated and the numbers of COVID-19 cases declining, I believe that the mask mandate being removed is alright as long as we are smart about it. This means that if we start to see numbers climbing again, we need to instantly reinstate the mandate rather than waiting. Sophomore Prasen Shakya says something that parallels this; “Of course I want the mask mandate to be removed, just like anyone else does. I just think that the timing is more important than anything. Removing it too early could result in having to quarantine again. Personally I don’t think wearing a mask is that troublesome and that the effects it has on stopping the spread is so efficient. However I can sympathize with why people don’t want to wear them anymore, especially as summer approaches.” 

Most people seem to have similar ideas and it’s reassuring that people are still willing to cooperate with the rules and regulations so that we can continue being safe.

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