Funky T-Shirts

FINDING FUNKY T-SHIRTS: Santa Rosa High School Senior Jerral Agbayani holds a Bratz Doll ‘Dump him!’ t-shirt after a day out looking for funky designs at Santa Rosa Plaza, a downtown shopping center that fulfills every teens’ necessities. “This is cursed,” he said following the photo. Funky shirts are all the rage for generation Z, with thousands of designs from hundreds of stores around the globe. It only makes sense to profit cents off of this growing generation, since it’s already so funky. Photo by Kai Sterck.

Article by Jerral Agbayani and Kai Sterck

Funky t-shirts have plagued humanity since the inception of t-shirts, from designs that scream “cursed” to absolutely tarnished and ripped designs. America has been consistently making these shirts for the wild and wacky and have only fluctuated since the digital media age. Nowadays, you can find these shirts at almost any clothing store, particularly in alternative fashion clothing stores such as Hot Topic, Spencers and even Zumiez. Seniors Kai Sterck and Jerral Agbayani have taken the time to search for some of these zany shirts in the hopes that people who are interested in these designs can find them instead of having to search for them on their own. Here are some designs the two believe can conjure up a buzz for those who find pleasure in wearing these fits.

The majority of people who visit Hot Topic are the type of people who try too hard to fit into the alt fashion community. These posers try to fit into a culture that they were never meant to have been a part of in the first place and are the reason Hot Topic has been tarnished in reputation. While this store has shifted its weight towards pop culture, there are still remnants of what the store had been before. Additionally, there is also a niche they have expanded towards that includes designs that some may find “weird” or even “funky.” One of these designs happens to be a Shrek t-shirt with his face on the cover. Shrek is legitimately one of the dumbest memes generation Z indulges in, even though it isn’t even funny. The memes died in the 2010s yet people can’t seem to let go, making this one of the most ugly memes of recent memory.

Spencers is a wonderland of a store that contain products dedicated to a more mature audience. They have shirts that range from musical artists to anime inspired designs and all sorts of  jewelry that range from piercings to chokers. An intriguing t-shirt Kai and Jerral had uncovered at one of these stores included a Bratz Dolls “Dump Him!” shirt along with a Bob Ross shirt that says “No Mistakes Just Happy Accidents.” These designs are more admirable than the Shrek shirt, a shirt that epitomizes the state of Hot Topic, which is why modern day Spencers will always be better than modern day Hot Topic.

Skating stores that have turned into monopolized corporations are all the rage at local malls and outlets, with Zumiez being one of the bigger companies that have been thriving. They have been taking money away from local shops and utilizing the youth for their personal gain. No heart, no soul. But within this store are a few shirts that may spark one’s interest, as well as intriguing designs on skateboards. One design that is of the relatively normal things the two had discovered but still screams “funky” is a fruit t-shirt that says “Fresh Fruit Fresh Off the Tree Livin’ Stress Free.” It showcases a series of fruits which include cherries, an orange and an apple with a worm sticking out of it, all with happy, smiling faces on them.

There are a variety of stores that have funky t-shirts. But if you want to support more local stores, there are a large number of thrift stores that most likely have funky t-shirts within their arsenal. Seeing the rise of thrifting within our generation, it may be a fun activity to invite your friends and challenge each other to find the most cursed design. It’s cheap and the most affordable.

Overall, funky shirts can be found in a vast variety of stores. Like Forever 21, there are a lot of stores that only focus on funky things (kidding). One important thing we think many people need to know is that you should just be yourself and not buy clothes to fit in and look cool, but instead to wear them for yourself and who you are as a person. Funky shirts will eventually take over the world, in the same way that meme culture has been growing more progressively and ironically random.

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