Where and How to get Certifications for Summer

Article and Infographic by Julia Sanabria

There are numerous types of certifications that even teenagers can get. Some of these include lifeguard certifications and babysitting certifications. Some certifications that will be helpful for future career plans are first aid certification and government certifications. Certifications can be very helpful in life when you apply for jobs; they can give you a competitive edge and provide intellectual enrichment. 

The American Red Cross has a helpful program for getting certificates. There are year-round classes to receive the training needed to get aquatic safety certifications. You can participate in a program for anything from a lifeguard certification to swim safety for aquatic sport coaches. Participants must be 15 years of age before the end of the last class to take part in these training courses. There is also a series of required tests and information required in order to receive the certification. This is a wonderful and easily-accessible option to receive this certification for a possible summer job.

The American Red Cross additionally has programs for babysitting. These classes will prepare for future babysitting jobs and give you a leg up in building your business. The most convenient thing about these certificates is that they can be completed online. This offers a good option for students with busy schedules. Babysitting is a fairly lucrative job, as the average base salary for them is $19.56 an hour, which is over $4 more than minimum wage. 

First aid certifications can be obtained online as well in only a couple of days. They can be beneficial for your life in general, and a survey conducted by Indeed said that 98% of people would recommend for others to take a first aid course. 38% of people said it helped them make more money, and 61% of people said it helped them to get a job, or in their career overall. This certification will help you know how to react to certain situations and what to do when a crisis occurs before professionals can get to the scene. 

There are many easily accessible certificates one can receive that help them in their professional and personal lives. Taking a few days out of your week to learn life-saving and life-altering techniques is a wonderful opportunity SRHS students should take advantage of. 

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