New Coca-Cola Flavors Review

The Newest Flavors: The newer three Coke with Coffees along with the just released Coke Starlight. (above) The Coke with Coffee: Dark Blend was my favorite followed by Coke Starlight, then after that, Coke with Coffee: Vanilla, and finally, Coke with Coffee: Caramel as my least favorite.

Article and Photo by Ben Sorkin

Coke (short for Coca-Cola) has really been cranking out the new flavors for the last few years, and as an avid consumer of the drink, I believed it would only be fitting to give my own thoughts on the flavors introduced in the last few years. 

Coca-Cola with Coffee: its dark Blend has a strong, robust flavor that has a genuine coffee taste to it, although the flavor is a little more intense than you would first expect. It comes in a thin aluminum can and can be found at any local Safeway.

Coca-Cola with Coffee Carmel: Caramel has a far sweeter taste than the Dark Blend and it honestly just tastes like a sweeter coke, along with a weaker coffee taste. I didn’t enjoy this flavor that much as it just didn’t have the same rich, strong flavor. It comes from the same family as Dark Blend, and thus can be found in the same slim aluminum can at Safeway and other markets.

Coca-Cola with Coffee Vanilla: Vanilla doesn’t really have a noticeable vanilla taste. It just has the same coffee flavor with an added bit of sweetness. Not as much as the carame, but still it doesn’t taste like much. I probably couldn’t tell what this was if I wasn’t aware it was supposed to be vanilla. This one is just mediocre. Just like the other Coke with Coffees, it can also be found at local markets in thin silver aluminum cans.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The infamous Coke Starlight. It has what can only be described as a candy-like taste. It sort of is reminiscent of Airheads. The taste is definitely subtle, but it definitely stands out in the crowd, even though I don’t even know what it is really. I think I like it, but I’m not too sure. It’s definitely a new taste, and the best I can do is say it tastes kind of similar to a Starbursts/Lucky Charms marshmallow. I think that I like it, as I like Airheads,Starbursts and Lucky Charms in all their artificial glory. 

So, if you like that kind of taste, then I recommend the Coke Starlight soda. It can be found in Safeway as well as Target, in a pinkish-red plastic bottle (recyclable!), but hurry up, It is a limited edition item after all!

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