Your Springtime fashion guide

Article and graphic by Mary Jane Alexander

For many, fashion is a form of self-expression, similar to the fine arts. Fashion also follows major trends, similar to the fine arts. There are also general tips for the different seasons. This article will focus on all the tips, tricks and trends you’ll need for this spring. 

Typically in spring you want to wear warmer colors, as well as greens and browns. Specifically, you should lean more towards paler, lighter or more pastel colors, rather than darker ones. This year there’s been a trend of using yellow much more than other typical spring colors, specifically people are wearing a lot of aspen gold. 

Another trend that’s been popping up this spring is raincoats, specifically technicolor ones. Tie-dye is also making a major comeback, and will most likely be massive this spring. Big tote bags are in-trend this spring also, so if you want something functional and fashionable, then that’s definitely something to search for. 

A local senior Jocelyn Rodriguez was asked about their tips and tricks for spring fashion, they said, “I’m so excited that spring is coming. As much as I love attempting to layer, it can be hard to have 3 shirts on and still look cute, at least for me. So for me this means actually being able to wear warm outfits and not freezing all my body parts in the process. I can’t say I have too many tips. Pastels are always cute in spring but I’m also a firm believer in wear what makes you happy.” They bring up a great point: fashion tips and tricks really don’t matter. Fashion is about wearing what you like and what makes you comfortable and happy. 

Fashion can sometimes seem like a big game of keeping up with the trends and staying with the times, but in actuality fashion is just self-expression, and honestly, if you wanna wear deep dark colors and a ton of layers, then go for it. 

Fashion, and spring fashion especially, is a complicated topic, yet it’s also predictable, as many times trends that are seen beginning to emerge months ahead of the season will be popular in it. Yet, in the end, these trends only matter if you want them to matter. You can ignore them and still be fashionable. 

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