Tom Holland charms in live-action take on video game, Uncharted

Article and photo by Mason Gaspar

In the late fall of 2007, a new Playstation exclusive series came out, one that would go down in video game history: Uncharted. Four games, massive amounts of spin offs, across the PSVITA, PS3, PS4 and now the PS5, remastered version of the series. Uncharted is the video game series that many generations have grown up with. This series has sold 41.7 million copies worldwide, making it one of Playstation’s best selling games to this date. 

Now, after many years of waiting, we finally have a live action movie of this amazing story. The actor who is starring as the main character Nathan Drake is Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg playing Victor Sulivan, Nathan’s partner. Later the audience will also meet another popular character in the francehise named Chloe Frazer played by Sophia Taylor Ali, which she also captures the character very well. 

The story takes place with Drake’s younger years. Holland right away shows us Drake’s character as a charming, but sneaking character. The acting skills by Holland does a fantastic job and already in the first ten minutes you already have an idea of what the character is like even if you never played the game before. The directing also does an amazing job at showing us Drake’s past at a steady pace. Drake eventually meets Sulivan which leads us to see Drake’s investigative skills and his knowledge of the past. Although Drake may be smart in those areas it quickly comes to our attention that Drake isn’t so familiar with fighting or being sleathly. 

Throughout the whole movie there are references and certain aspects that anyone who played the games will pick up on, even a special cameo from the original voice actor of Drake, which any fan will instantly recognize his voice. Surprisingly unlike other movies or shows that are based off of video games, this does an amazing job of keeping fast, interesting, and keeping it original to the game and still being a great time for anyone to watch. This is a definite watch for anyone who has or not has played the game. 

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