Need help planning your post graduation trip? Check out these tips.

GETAWAY. A picture of a beautiful beach on a peaceful day in San Rafael. After a drive of about an hour, Jaeden Callender and Tenjing Sherpa relax on the beach looking at the dogs as they play in the water. All it cost was money for gas and some impulsiveness.

Article and photo by Jaeden Callender

High schoolers, especially seniors, are desperately waiting to get out of their houses and explore the world on their own, without the seemingly constant parental supervision that plagues teenageers in their day to day lives. Typically, this will take the form of a senior trip that seniors will plan before graduation. However, trips can be expensive, especially when flights are involved. Prices can be overwhelming in places like San Francisco, Southern California, New York and other countries. In order to have a successful senior trip, some serious planning is required. 

It’s often risky to just dive straight into it and be impulsive, especially when the average income of recent high school graduates is so low. One can’t afford to make mistakes or, for example, assume prices of certain things, then get there and be disappointed when you realize you can’t do any of the things you want to. One tip for a cheaper trip is to steer away from flights. Flights, depending on where and how you are traveling, can be thousands of dollars. If the place you are planning on going to is within a reasonable distance, it’s better to travel in a car, train or bus. You may find that you enjoy road trips better than a quick flight anyway. You know what they say, “it’s not just about the destination”, it’s also about the journey. 

Furthermore, it is good to be on a budget during the trip. Know how much money you have, and keep a day to day spreadsheet of how much you have spent and how much is left. While it may be a little annoying and tedious, it is way better than going broke in the middle of your trip because of some miscalculations. In addition to this, you should establish priorities with those you are going with. For example, do you want to prioritize sightseeing or trying new activities? Do you want souvenirs? If so, how much are you willing to alot for them?

All in all, senior trips can really be a lot of fun, so it’s a good idea to start saving and planning now. Just remember to be safe and responsible with your spending.

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