Everything you need for your next camping trip

Article and graphic by Mary Jane Alexander

Now that spring is on its way, many people are thinking about camping, a beloved activity in the warmer season. However, what many don’t know are the essentials for camping. This leads to people bringing items they don’t need or forgetting the more important items. In this article, I will be giving some real essentials any camper needs. 

For starters, a tent is a necessity. Any type of tent will do; however, preferably you should get a larger and sturdier tent if you have multiple people sleeping in one tent. Furthermore, a person always needs sleeping bags when camping. Typically with sleeping bags, cheap ones will work fine, though if you can, I’d recommend getting something a little more expensive as they tend to be more insulated, providing a more comfortable rest and more heat. 

Another important item is a lantern, or other small light, because if you need to do something in the middle of the night, then you’ll absolutely need some type of light, since you won’t be able to see otherwise. On a similar topic, fire starters and lighters, while not completely “essential”, are definitely recommended to bring if you want to have s’mores. 

On the topic of campfires, for any good camping trip, one needs camping chairs, so you can fully enjoy your fire, or just to enjoy sitting around and relaxing. I’d recommend getting the fold up ones, as they’re much easier to travel with. You’ll also need water, food and a first aid kit, though if you’re not already bringing those then you definitely need a crash course on basic emergency supplies. 

Many avid campers find different small things to be essentials as well, such as senior Jaden Frank, who stated, “I go camping at least 2-3 times a year. Camping is one of my favorite things to do, often times the thing I will be looking forward to is a camping trip. I always bring the basics like tents, sleeping bag, clothes, water. But my family is a family full of cooks so we won’t go camping without the big pop up kitchen that we have.” In many cases, there will be small things that one person may find essential, but others don’t see as essential, so it’s also important to know and grab those extra essentials. 

Overall, camping essentials may seem like basic things to get—stuff you already know or have—but in many cases, people will forget to check or buy these things and end up in tough situations, so it’s better to know. 

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