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The History of SRHS Senior Pranks

WARPED BENCH IN THE QUAD: This is one of the benches in the quad that got bent from a past senior prank. “Quite a few years ago, a bunch of seniors decided to put cars across the campus in awkward locations,” says English teacher Casey Elsa. “They put a car up on top of these tables and benches that were used for lunch; they were fairly new at the time… and then there were Volkswagen wheels crushing them.” This bench that students use every day is just another quirky aspect of Santa Rosa High School. Article and Photo by

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These are the best spots to get prom dresses

PICKING THE PERFECT DRESS. As prom nears, last-minute dresses can still be found to help you achieve the best possible experience on your prom night. Stores at the mall such as Windsor, Suit Up and Macy’s offer lots of options for those searching for dresses for the evening of May 7. While getting ready for prom can be stressful, going to stores such as this to find your best possible prom outfit can be a good way to take the stress of the event off your shoulders. Photo and Article by Alice Brookston Santa Rosa High School

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Meet the dogs of SRHS

DOGS OF SRHS. Susan Gallegos, a Math 1 teacher here at Santa Rosa High School, can sometimes be seen outside during break taking her dogs out and letting them roam. “Watching them interact with students [as they roam free in the classroom] ,'' said Gallegos in response to her favorite part about having her dogs around.  Article and photo by Anthony Flores Pets are wonderful! Some students and staff at Santa Rosa High School have furry friends or reptilian friends at home. However, we can’t just look over the dogs that spend

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Celebrating Women’s history month

Article and graphic by Rubi Melo March is women’s history month! This month is a time to acknowledge the history of the United States, and the women who began the never ending process of bettering the country. During women’s history month we often hear about strides by women such as Amelia Earheart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony. There have been many other, less well known women, who have done great things for our country; women like Alice Ball, Sojourner Truth and Ella Baker.


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Baking with Burris: Ms. Elsa’s mushroom and truffle pasta

MADE WITH LOVE. When English teacher, Yearbook and Journalism advisor, Casey Elsa, puts a lot of effort into her dish, she adds a whole lot of love. “We can’t make a meal in our family without effort to accommodate everybody's needs,” she said, “Eating always feels like love, feels like everybody involved themselves in it, really cares about each other. Food is love.” Photo by Jaden Burris Article and Photo by Jaden Burris, Social Media Editor For English teacher, Yearbook and Journalism advisor, Casey Elsa, cooking food in

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Should you eat plant based? The Santa Rosan staff weighs in.

Photo by Amy Genolio Article by Jasmine Alvarez and Caycie Clayton JASMINE: So, Caycie. CAYCIE: So, Jasmine. J: I think we should talk about plant based diets, and the benefits. EDUCATE ME! C: Fun (said sarcastically) J: I'm serious, lately I've been finding it very interesting. C: Are you considering going vegetarian? J: I don’t want to stop eating meat… but I've also been hearing a lot about how being vegetarian can benefit you in a bunch of different ways, so I'm torn… C: Yeah, being vegetarian is

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Springtime recipe: Vegan Creamy Carrot Pasta

Article and graphic by Mason Gaspar As the cold and wet months finally come to an end, we move into a warm and bright season, springtime. Spring brings out the beauty in nature and many new food selections. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots, garlic and onions start to come into season, so dishes that revolve around those herbs become far more common. This means many cooking options and variety into people’s diet.

To start off, something I'm sure many haven't had before: creamy carrot pasta. It is very simple

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Esports team returns without first-person-shooter games

Article and graphic by Robert Merrick After months of silence, new information about the Santa Rosa City School’s Esports league has finally come out, and it is… disappointing. The good news is that a set of rules for the club is being brought to the SRCS board by the director of technology, Adrian Bica; however, there is one issue with the rules: they strictly forbid the ever popular genre, first-person shooters.

This is a tremendous blow for the club because it removes an enormous portion of the interest,

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SRHS Track and Field Season heats up

Saturday, March 5, 2022, the Santa Rosa track team hosted their first invitational of the year. At this invitational, Big Cat, around 1,200 athletes and numerous alumni, coaches and spectators all came together to enjoy and participate in the events. This was also the time when our track was named after Doug Courtemarche! When Freshman Eric Rodrigues was asked how he felt about his first track and field meet he replied, “I liked it, it was exciting, and I won a race”. The overall consensus of this invitation was joy over the

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Simulation game Stardew Valley offers something for every gamer

Stardew Valley is a fun simulator game with tons of people to meet and lots to do. Senior Miles Beene complimented the game and said he thinks he likes the game so much because ¨I found it when I needed some escapism¨ and went on to say that Stardew Valley has been a great little escape to a cutesy farm town. Another comment was on the games gay marriage feature and that its always nice when a game lets people interact with dateable characters. Photo by Miles Beene  Article and photo by Ashton Seghezzi The simulation game,

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