Baseball Coach Bryan Price talks beginning of the season

Article and graphic by Andreas Petersen

As winter sports end and spring is beginning, SRHS spring sports are starting! With a large selection of sports this year, ranging from badminton to golf, one of the United States most beloved sports is starting up: Baseball! One of America’s favorite pastimes, baseball, a sport that has been played for almost 200 years, is starting its season at SRHS in March.

As preseason commences and tryouts beginning, JV Coach and P.E teacher Bryan Price hopes for his new JV team, “ to develop good character but also good baseball foundations. And build them up to have more success after JV, so to varsity level and maybe college level. But not just baseball but [also] in life as well.” With a lot of experience as a baseball coach, Price is in his 10th year of being the head coach of the junior varsity team at Santa Rosa High School.

Along with that he hopes that things will return to normal, how they were before the pandemic as many adaptations had to be enacted to play the sport at SRHS. When asked about his experience coaching the baseball team during the pandemic Price said, “[though] Covid made it hard, we did have a team last year and we had [successful] season. And I was super glad to play last year.” However, he hopes he doesn’t have to do that this year because, “when [he was] in the dugout we had masks on. Last year we had to do a whole bunch of things, from temperature checks to masks, even more so on the field.” Though Price is hopeful as he believes that that phase seems to be past them.

Very optimistic about this year’s season, games are just around the corner. With their first scrimmage on February 19th starting of our panther season. Then on February 22nd both teams had their first preseason game, with the Jv team having a home game and the varsity team having an away game against Casa Grande. Then, the whole team goes to Ukiah, as both our JV and Varsity teams have games there. A week later varsity has another home game on March 4th.

So come out and support your fellow Panthers and keep an eye out for their next game.

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