Learn how to make a Valentine’s Day arrangement from SRHS floriculture students

Article and photos by Yasmine Sarraf

Do you want to give your partner or friend a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day? Santa Rosa High School’s Floriculture students are familiar with different ways to arrange flowers that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

In SRHS’s Introduction to Floriculture and Advanced Floral Design, students learn the art of designing flower arrangements. The advanced floral design classes have made arrangements for events in the past, according to Lisa Piehl, their teacher. “The advanced classes do weddings, funerals, banquets, parties, etc.,” she said. “We have done two funerals, three weddings and five events this school year so far and have several weddings booked for spring/summer.”

Freshman Samantha Larson, who takes the Introduction to Floral class, explained that in class, students learn about the history of floriculture and take notes as well. “But most of the time, you’re just learning different designs and techniques for floral and you’re just creating different arrangements,” said senior Kayleen Ledbetter, who takes Advanced Floral Design.

Ledbetter said that she enjoys making flower arrangements, specifically unique arrangements, such as the holiday arrangements the students make. She explained that their Christmas arrangements include wintergreens as well as red and green colors. Larson admired the holiday-themed arrangements as well “because we got to use . . . small ornaments.” She added, “It was super pretty because we got to use a mixture of evergreen and red and white flowers . . . and I love the container it came in.”

The Floriculture classes make arrangements for other holidays as well, such as Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. According to Ledbetter, the traditional Valentine’s Day colors—pink, purple, red and white—are suitable for a Valentine’s Day arrangement. Roses are commonly associated with love, and Larson said that they are “a big part of Valentine’s Day.” Piehl described roses as the “quintessential flower of love.” If you want to make an arrangement for Valentine’s Day, you may follow this advice or you can preorder from the Floriculture program.

Not only do the students love designing flower arrangements, but the Floriculture students expressed that they appreciate the class. “I do enjoy making flower arrangements and I also really love Ms. Piehl . . . She’s really fun to be around. She always has a really fun class,” said Ledbetter. Larson shared her thoughts on the class as well, saying, “I love just learning all about flowers and getting to do a different design every other week. It’s really fun just doing different things.”

Piehl said that the Floriculture program is taking subscriptions this spring so that you can receive beautiful arrangements that the Floriculture students make. Flower arrangements are a great way to add more color and beauty to your home.

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