Splatoon 3 expands player customization, retains best elements of the series

Article by Emily Lasley

Illustration by Emily Lasley

On May 28, 2015 a colorful third-person shooter game made its first appearance on the WiiU, and was loved by many who played it. This unique game is called “Splatoon,” a game featuring fish-like humanoid creatures who participate in turf battles. On July 21, 2017, Splatoon 2 came out, further developing the Splatoon series with its memorable DLC (downloadable expansion): Octo Expansion. It has been seven years since the first release of Splatoon and on September 24, 2021 Nintendo Direct announced the brand new Splatoon 3 trailer, to be released in 2022.

Just from looking at Nintendo Direct’s Splatoon 3 trailer, it is evident that some new customization options were added to the game, such as new hairstyles, new eye colors and some brand new clothing. Some of the new hairstyles include different types of curls, slick-backed hair, half-braided hair, messy, bowl-cut hair, as well as the other styles from the previous games. At the beginning of the trailer it shows more legwear options the player can choose from before, such as the shorts with tights underneath, or the poofy pants. Some new eye color options have been added to the game. Choices include a nice pink with green rimming color, as well as green with pretty brown rimming. 

Turf wars remain popular in Splatoon 3, and the same rules still apply: cover the map in your ink, whichever team inks the most surface, wins. During the clip shown in the trailer, new weapons, sub-specials and specials have made their appearance. A Splash-o-Matic (rapid-fire, short-ranged weapon) with the sub-special of burst bombs, and a new special, ‘spider squid’ has been revealed to us. Spider squid is an ability where the player can stick and fling to walls for the duration of it, while still having access to their weapon. A new spherical shield was shown as a new special as well. It blocks enemy shots and protects your teammates. Another special that was revealed to us was the crab tank. A movable tank, taking the shape of a crab, where you can roll, and shoot from. A new blaster and a new crossbow weapon were also shown in the trailer. A new special, the Killer Whale 5.1 is a bunch of small speakers that shoot multiple rays of ink and is a reference to the Killer Whale from the original Splatoon game.

Just like how Splatoon 2 was a direct reference to Splatoon’s final splatfest, Splatoon 3 is a direct reference to Splatoon 2’s final splatfest. A splatfest is where players vote between two options of an opinionated question, fight, and gather points for their team or ‘vote’. The final splatfest of Splatoon 2 was the question; “Chaos vs. Order, which is better?”. After a 72-hour timeframe, Team Chaos was declared victorious. As a result, Splatoon 3 takes place in Splattsville, also known as the city of chaos. Splatsville is located in the Splatlands, a desolate, desert-like setting in a post-apocalyptic world. There are possibly more leaks for Splatoon 3 coming out soon, but as of now, all we can do is wait and prepare for the official release of Splatoon 3.

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