Homemade gifts for your valentine

LOVE IS IN BLOOM. Whether you are buying flowers for someone this Valentine’s Day or making a homemade gift for someone you love, make this Valentine’s Day a good one! Try finding things in your home that you can use to create an exciting gift someone you know will appreciate.

Article and photo by Zoe Kowalczyk

In need of homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner or even a friend? Here are two homemade gift ideas that you can make to give to someone you love this Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a romantic partner or not, giving a gift to someone you care about is always exciting and special, especially when you’ve made the gift yourself. For Valentine’s Day, try making one of these homemade gifts!

For the first gift, all you need is yarn, cardboard, scissors, tape and a pencil. First, trace out a heart onto the cardboard. (You can determine the size of the heart on the cardboard.) Cut out the heart and get the yarn ready to attach with a piece of tape. After you’ve taped the beginning of the yarn to the cardboard, begin to wrap the yarn around the heart. Make sure to wrap the yarn around the heart in all directions until the heart is filled up around the edge. Once you’re satisfied with the fullness of the heart, tie a knot and admire your handmade gift! You can make more hearts differing in sizes and colors if you want to add more to your gift or if you’re giving the hearts to a friend or friends. 

The second gift idea requires felt hearts (these can be found at Dollar Tree or Walmart or you can also make hearts out of felting as well.), scissors, a lolipop of your choice and a glue gun. Begin by gluing the end of the felt hearts to the end of the wrapper, still staying on the wrapper/the top of the stick. Continue to add more felt hearts inside of the hearts until you’re happy with how your gift looks.  

Whether you’re making a gift for a friend or partner, giving someone something is always exciting to put together. If you find that these ideas don’t work with what you have in your home, popular places to find other creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas include Pinterest and hgtv.com. This Valentine’s Day, try creating one of the suggested gifts above, or take time to create your own customized gift that you think someone in your life would love to receive. 

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