Mr. Seder joins SRHS social sciences department at the semester

Get ready Panthers for a whole new teacher! Mr. Seder, the newest edition to the SRHS teaching staff, poses for the camera. Having been teaching at this school since the beginning of this semester, he has truly cemented himself as a strong willed character that has a good passion for what he teaches.

Article and photo by Jerral Agbayani

Everyone would have thought Mr. Brennan, the only government teacher at Santa Rosa High School, had all of the weight on him, but things have changed as the spring semester brought us a new surprise. With the beginning of the second semester, there has been a new addition to the roster of government teachers at Santa Rosa High School. James Seder was introduced as the newest teacher on campus. I’ve taken the time to do a brief interview with him and ask him a few interesting questions that really illustrate who he is as a person.

Some of these questions were really just somewhat of an overview to what I thought might be interesting for people to know about. To kick it off, I wondered how he started teaching.

When asked about what got him into teaching, he responded, “Initially I wanted to get into politics (like 25 years ago), and while at UC Davis, I continued studying political science and history, but changed my focus there away from politics into teaching. I just always enjoyed being in school and haven’t changed yet.”

Seder has been teaching for twenty-one years, and teaches Government and World History, which is an important part for Santa Rosa High School, since we are currently low staffed on government teachers at the moment, so hopefully this will ease a little bit of tension and put less stress on the other teachers.

I then asked Seder how SRHS has been treating him since he started, and he responded, “SRHS has been great so far. Everyone seems to be really nice and accommodating and I’ve received a ton of support from the social science department. The students are very welcoming as well and have been great.” As of recently he has stated that this school has been very much laid back compared to his earlier schools he’s attended and I think that he is a very good teacher to get onto the campus due to his charisma and good attitude.

Having attended UC Davis and ultimately sticking with teaching for the past 21 years, Seder has had an interesting career that has led him to teach at our school. Bringing him in is a good addition to the school. I think he is a great eye opener for students who don’t know too much about the economy or government.

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