Latest ‘Scream’ movie disappoints with mediocre acting and reused plots

Scream, one of the most popular recent horror movie releases, is being shown in downtown Santa Rosa at the Roxy 14 theater. Roxy 14 is one of the most popular theaters due to its spacious showing rooms as well as the relaxing reclining seats.

Article and photo by Jaeden Callender

Twenty-five years following the original classic, Scream slashed its way through theaters with renewed fervor after a long-awaited fifth film in the franchise made headlines. Boasting a new cast along with the return of some legacy characters, the fifth movie, titled Scream, is a sequel, a rebooted sequel, that follows the tradition of recent resurrections of older movies such as Halloween, Candyman and the already long forgotten Black Christmas. The film follows two sisters as they are terrorized by the newest Ghostface Killer, who wreaks havoc across town with a relentless passion towards the two siblings. However, after hearing the summary, there is still a big question; is this film worth buying a ticket for?

Similar to the other Scream movies, this film heavily relies on its quirkiness, meta humor and slashings to entertain the viewer. While there’s alot to praise about this new sequel and its refreshing take on the series, there were many issues regarding the film itself that makes it differ from the previous entries. 

The issues include, mediocre-acting, seemingly unimportant and stagnant killings and reused plotlines. The movie as a whole doesn’t seem to really head in any direction. It is a stagnant sequel that doesn’t take the franchise to the heights it could have, and it isn’t revitalizing enough to make it unique or special within the series. It’s two hours are wasted on a simple plot line that makes the series as a whole feel completely pointless. 

The story doesn’t spend enough time developing any characters to make you feel anything close to emotion towards any of them beyond the main sisters. There isn’t much unique about the camerawork and the soundtrack is simply alright, but not memorable, which makes the entire movie as a whole bland and unoriginal for a reinvention of the franchise. The problem with this movie’s twist is that it is potentially one of the most annoying ones for the series, since the gradual reveal of the killer doesn’t resonate well with the fans because the characters in this film are too inconsistent for anyone to really drop their jaw. The mystery elements, much like the other Scream sequels, aren’t that well written, and especially this twist is super cheesy and makes a joke out of itself.

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