Staff Spotlight: Madame Carrell

Dara Carrell has been teaching for many, many years. “This is my 25th year teaching [and I have been teaching at SRHS] since 2003, so eighteen years ago.” Having previously taught Spanish and now French, it doesn’t seem like Carrell might stop teaching anytime soon. It is something that she sees to truly enjoy and will continue enjoying in the future.

Article by Anthony Flores Cruz

Over the past few years, teachers have come and gone from SRHS, but there are some who have stayed at SRHS for many, many years. One of these teachers is Dara Carrell, who is currently the only French teacher at SRHS, but previously taught Spanish.

When asked how she felt about being the only French teacher at Santa Rosa High School, she replied, “I love it. It’s really a privilege because my students get to stay with me every year. I start off the year not knowing who my French 1 students are but I get to know [them] and then next year [they’re] in French Two and [I’m with them] again!” Students that continue taking French will still have the same teacher as when they started, allowing them to feel more comfortable in French because they are already familiar with their teacher. 

Carrell has been teaching for a total of 25 years, which includes her time spent at SRHS and at previous schools. With all that time spent teaching there are of course things that she has grown to love or dislike about teaching. The thing that she loves most about teaching is her own students, although she hates grading and dislikes most staff meetings. She started off as an elementary teacher, which she did for five years. Later she decided she wanted to teach older kids and teenagers.

However, she did not realize that she wanted to become a teacher until after she had gotten her bachelor’s degree in French. She had originally wanted to work for National Geographic and  become a photographer or a writer. “Well, what happened was—I didn’t like the journalism classes I took at San Francisco State University; I found them boring and I realized it was not for me,” stated Carrell.

When asked what her hobbies were, Carrell stated that she travels around the world, she scuba dives in cold water like in Monterey and Mendocino and also in warm water when she gets the chance like in Hawaii or Mexico. Carrell has also never really celebrated Christmas, as her family is Jewish. Her husband, on the other hand, does celebrate, so she does a little bit now as an adult, but she gets together with her family for Hanukkah every year.

Carrell is an important member of our community at Santa Rosa High School as both a staff member and to many students, a friend.

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