Staff spotlight: Mr. Samet

SCIENCE ROCKS. Earth science teacher, Matthew Samet is a lacrosse fanatic, as he’s stated, “I coach lacrosse at Sonoma State, I played in college.” He has a real love for the sport, as he “really [enjoys] coaching, it’s definitely the thing [he likes] the most.” He can be seen here holding his beloved crosse, or lacrosse, stick.

Article and photo by Mary Jane Alexander

Returning SRHS students may have noticed new teachers on campus, specifically in the Science Department. One of these new teachers is Matthew Samet, an Earth Science teacher. He began teaching at SRHS last year during the COVID-19 Pandemic and is doing his first in-person year now, a total of two years here so far. When talking about how teaching at SRHS has been, he said, “I think that teaching at SRHS has been a really welcoming experience. The fellow staff is really supportive. The students are easy to work with and having grown up in Sonoma County, I feel really tied to the experiences students here that I’ve taught have had.” 

When asked to elaborate on his feelings when it comes to working at SRHS, he further stated, “It’s been really fun working on a team of young and new teachers, and the collaboration has been amazing. [The] last school I was at I was the youngest by far. It’s much more comfortable here working with people my age.”

Prior to teaching, Samet worked in the geothermal energy industry and he stated, “It has been really cool to take some real-life science applications and transfer it to the classroom.” Before that, he attended The University of Oregon where he was a geology major and played lacrosse on their team.

His other hobbies include cooking — he’s a self proclaimed, “wizard in the kitchen.” Another hobby he enjoys is creating his own cross-stitch patterns and making them as gifts for his friends and family. He also mentioned his one-year old puppy, and how it’s been the light of his life during this past year, and even now. 

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