SRHS students balance work and school

SRHS STUDENTS AT WORK. Pictured is Tina Dang, putting one thumb up as she tends the register on her last day at T4. She has recently been working at the newly opened Dave’s Chicken, just a couple stores away. She believes that this recent switch hasn’t been too stressful for her. Photo provided by Tina Dang.

Article by Jerral Agbayani

The insurmountable pressure of everyday life as a teen can take a toll on one’s mental health. Residing in the deep pit of hell that is one’s state of mind, millions of students from freshman to seniors have ways of relieving the anxiety, stress and depression that come from balancing their work schedule with their education. This can be especially challenging around the holidays. The expense of buying presents as well as the onslaught of oncoming hordes of holi-drunk customers are some of the many weights put on the back of workers everywhere. How do some deal with the holiday season while working a job?

Santa Rosa High School’s very own Alan Quijas, a senior, has an answer to how he deals with the holidays. “I skateboard to release stress. Because I have to handle school and work, I mostly work weekends, but occasionally I work on weekdays because the time I get at school doesn’t match with the time I have to get at work, so occasionally I have to respond to my work that I’m gonna be late.” Skating is one of his go-tos to relieve stress.

Senior Armani Meeks, deals with stress in a similar way “I just freakin’… BAM! Release stress from work. I deal with it, I dunno. I skateboard, I go to the gym.” Like Quijas, he also skates to chill out from work.

Junior Tina Dang also has her own ways of dealing with the holidays while on work, “I try to balance my own free time, time with friends, time with family, then work. During the holidays I’m able to work more hours, but those hours I’d rather spend elsewhere. It’s also nice to have money. I try to work at least three or four days a week and then in between those days I try to spend time with friends and one day I spend by myself.”

There are many different ways to deal with the pressure of the holiday season, and with winter rolling around, depression tends to crack into many students’ lives. Exercising and being socially active are some of the most important things to do when dealing with the stresses of holiday work life. It’s dire to keep moving so as to prevent one from feeling pitted in thick mud. I hope some of these responses relate to you and how you deal with the issue of stress from work.

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