New movie Dune ends on a cliff hanger

Graphic by Molly Murphey

Article by Julia Sanabria

The new movie, Dune, is about a journey that changes the course of lifetimes. Dune explores many realms of adventure and heroism. Staring as the main character, Paul Atreides, moves forth in life trying his best to survive and learn what he can about his new world. 

The award winning series Dune, first published in 1965, now has a 2021 remake starring Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides. Although there was a film adaptation in 1984, director Denis Villleneuve promised to make his movie have a closer connection with the book. An article from CNET mentioned that Villleneuve was impressed with the previous Dune adaptation but had hope of making his own movie version the one of his dreams. 

In this movie many had to adapt to the sudden and severe nature of the journey to survive. Paul Atreides went through a whirlwind of changes from the moment he stepped onto the planet Arrakis. Others such as Lady Jessica and Leto Atreides, who are Paul Atreides’ parents; and many of the people from planet Caladan, his home planet, adapted along with him. Mystery surrounded the film as it’s the first in a series and the audience is getting to know the characters and atmosphere Dune is set in. Watching this movie I grew more interested as the futuristic and intriguing settings and characters were introduced. 

This movie came out October 22, 2021 and was available in theaters as well as HBO Max. This film was expressly called Dune part one because Villleneuve stated that the complexity of the world is far too extensive to fit into one movie. Much is left unresolved as the first movie comes to a close. Many are left wondering what will happen next, and are excited for the upcoming sequel that promises an even deeper delve into the Dune universe. I highly recommend this film as a great weekend watch. 

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