Basketball returns to the court this season

SEASON KICK-OFF. Coach Gomes, and the players not currently in the game, watch as their team goes for the shot. The girl’s JV/Freshman team had their first scrimmage Friday November 12, 2021. Freshman Keelyn Walker shared after the game that, “it was fun”. Photo by Julia Sanabria.

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria

Santa Rosa High School’s basketball season has begun! Like many sports, basketball had a rough season last year due to COVID-19 and all of the safety measures that had to be taken. This year the coaches and players, as well as many fans are back and more ready than ever to make this season count. For this season we have freshman, junior varsity and varsity for both boys and girls. Keep on the lookout for games as the season progresses!

As the season begins, freshman Devon Czahar wants to encourage his freshmen teammates to improve because he knows they could be a good team. Expecting to come up against many good teams during upcoming tournaments, he hopes to do some self improvement. “[I want] to be a good teammate, [and hopefully score] a lot of points for my team”, he said. He also hopes that his team will improve along with him, and he believes the key to improvement is “ to work harder and show up to practice.” Czahar is really excited to start the season and can’t wait to play for his team.

Last year wasn’t as pleasant, as COVID-19 caused many problems for school sports. Sophomore, and Varsity player, Sydney Duncan said, “[Last year] There wasn’t really any set JV or Varsity teams, it was all kinda mixed.” Due to this, many of the players are looking forward to a more normal season this year and the more focused team bonding that comes with that. A sport is not just the game you play, but the people you play with. Your teammates help you improve your skills, and try their best to be there for you on and off the court. COVID made the prior year much harder to continue the team spirit Santa Rosa High so proudly breeds, but it was there nonetheless and back again this year better than ever. 

Although a good team energy is important, being a competitive school, the players are greatly focused on improving. The JV and Freshman girls coach, Jim Gomes, explained, “the team is working hard [and] the first game of the season is very exciting to see how the team has progressed from that first practice.” Our athletes here at Santa Rosa High work hard and with determination. They will continue to do so and push through this season with tenacity.

Come out to the next game and support our boys and girls basketball team. Let’s go panthers!

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